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The Entire Metal Casio G Shock Watch GMB2100


Casio has created several well-liked G-Shock case shapes over the years. Still, the octagonal GA2100 series, which made its debut in 2019, has caught the attention of the watch enthusiast community. Casio claims that combining two well-known G-Shock cases from the company’s archives served as the design inspiration for the device. However, the octagon-shaped model’s immense popularity was partially due to its faint resemblance to Ademar’s Piquet Royal Oak, as evidenced by the moniker “Casio Ak” that it has become infamous for in collecting circles. At the height of the Royal Oak craze, the new case design debuted. It soon became the must-have, reasonably priced item in the horology world, with collectors of all stripes choosing their shade.

Since the debut of this octagonal G-Shock case, Casio has increased the selection to include an astounding array of different colors and configurations, as well as a few collaborations and even a high-end line of models with solar charging and Bluetooth connectivity. The most recent addition to this fan-favorite octagonal case silhouette is the GMB2100 series, which debuts in three different colors and goes one step further by adding exquisitely crafted metal cases and bracelets to create the most miniature model yet in G-full-metal Shock’s collection of watches.

The original GA2100 series earned significant points with collectors for having a smaller profile than most subsequent G-Shock models and the case’s octagonal form. The new full-metal G-Shock GMB2100 series maintains that trend. It is the thinnest full-metal G-Shock by about 0.2mm and measures 44.4mm broad by 49.8mm from lug to lug. The middle case has a screw-back design with fine resin between the bezel and metal inner case for further stress absorption. The case, bezel, and bracelet are all made of stainless steel.

Durability and resilience are always top priorities with Casio G-Shock watches, and the new GMB2100 series is no exception. However, the new GMB2100 series also features intricately finished three-dimensional bezels that require a three-step surface finishing technique to give them their circular hair-line finish on the top, vertical brushing finish on the side surfaces, and high-polished appearance on the main parts of the bezel. In addition, the watch’s dial is shielded by a flat mineral glass crystal, as with the other models in the brand’s more extensive 2100 line of eyes. Four buttons are located on the case’s sides to access the internal module and its capabilities.


The full-metal G-Shock GMB2100 series is now available in three different color schemes. The GMB2100D-1A delivers a natural silver finish on all stainless-steel surfaces, the GMB2100BD-1A offers dark grey ion plating, and the GMB2100GD-5A offers copper-colored ion plating. The dials of each watch have hour markers and accents treated with a vapor deposition technique for a coordinated and aesthetically pleasing overall appearance. The dial layout is the same as other G-Shock 2100 series watches, and it features a pair of centrally mounted hands for the hours and minutes, an analog function-selector display at the 9 o’clock position, and a small LCD screen on the lower half of the dial that provides access to the watch’s various digital features.

Module No. 5691 that powers the new Casio G-Shock watches in full metal offers all of the customary multi-function digital features you would anticipate finding on one of the company’s models, including a stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, world time feature, automatically programmed calendar, and backlight. In addition, the full-metal G-Shock GMB2100 series, which is positioned as a more upscale option within the brand’s lineup, offers solar charging made possible by a highly durable film-like solar panel, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to enable a variety of integrated useful Smartphone functions via the Casio G-Shock Connected app.

The three new G-Shock GMB2100 watches have push-button release folding clasps on solid-link stainless steel bands, keeping its “full-metal” moniker. To better distribute shocks to the band’s connecting portion, the bracelets’ three-pronged connection to the stainless-steel inner casings is made at the lugs. The rubber straps often used with G-Shock watches are also prominently featured on each bracelet. The metal surfaces of the links themselves have colored ion-plating to match the color schemes of the individual timepieces.

These new full-metal G-Shock GMB2100 series watches are probably what many enthusiasts have been waiting for since this trendy case silhouette first appeared a few years ago. One of the reasons people loved the original GA2100 series is because it offered a low-cost way for collectors to get their hands on a watch with a distinctive octagonal profile. With an official retail price of USD 550 for the silver GMB2100D-1A or USD 600 for either of the colored ion-plated GMB2100BD-1A or GMB2100GD-5A watches, these new full-metal Casio G-Shock models represent a noticeable step up in price compared to their resin-cased siblings, while still managing to remain firmly within the affordable side of the more excellent G-Shock lineup.

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