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Casio scientific calculators are mainly made for the heroes of our future, our students. If you are a student and studying Mathematics, Statistics, or similar subjects, you must need an advanced scientific calculator which can help you solve mathematical problems quickly. Casio scientific calculators are built considering the daily life problems of these students, the user interface is designed for their ease to make their calculations without any hassle. At Casio Centre Pakistan, we don’t take margins on scientific calculators because we believe our students are our future and we are investing in them to shine & play a significant role in Pakistan’s economy!

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FAQs for Casio Scientific Calculator

What is the best price of Casio FX 991ES Plus 2nd Edition calculator in Pakistan?
There are many companies in Pakistan selling Casio FX 991ES 1st edition at the price of Rs6,000 which is not a fair price for the students. We at Casio Centre Pakistan are offering Casio 991ES Plus 2nd Edition which is a latest version of it at the price of Rs5300. This price is unbeatable in Pakistan.
Which Casio scientific calculator is the best for Pakistani students?
It majorly depends on your use & requirements. But if I, as an expert, recommend you a one scientific calculator which can meet almost all of your needs, I must say the FX 991ES Plus 2nd Edition is the one you must have.
Why are Casio scientific calculators so expensive in Pakistan?
Casio scientific calculators are designed to solve complex mathematical problems which means they are micro-computers. It requires the involvement of high-tech engineers, GUI experts and a team of advanced programmers. This makes it expensive but at Casio Centre Pakistan, we don't earn from Casio calculators as we believe that our students are the future & we want to help them to build their future.
What is the difference between a simple Casio calculator and a Casio scientific calculator?
Every 'Casio scientific calculator' has everything which a simple calculator will have. Additionally scientific calculators will have trigonometry functions & exponential functions. Whereas a simple Casio calculator can help you to do basic calculations only.