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The Japanese electronics manufacturer Casio produces a series of watches called G-Shock, built to withstand mechanical stress, Shock, and vibration. Gravitational Shock is referred to as G-Shock. This is the entire program for establishing contact and exchanging messages with a G-SHOCK equipped with Bluetooth. Connecting the watch to your smartphone allows you to access several Mobile Link features that significantly improve your smartphone experience.

What does Bluetooth do on G-SHOCK?

A smartphone can wirelessly control all watches operations with G-SHOCK Bluetooth watches. The ability to sync your G-SHOCK watch with the time and date on your smartphone allows for automatic time adjustments in over 300 cities worldwide as you travel. Other valuable features include a built-in phone finder, the ability to set and customize daily alarms, timers, time zones, and many more.

Does Bluetooth come standard on G-SHOCK watches?

Many G-SHOCK watches, including those in our G-Steel, MTG, and Master of G ranges, now have Bluetooth capabilities. The new GA-B2100 & Full Metal GM-B2100, are two new additions to our venerable 2100 series, with solar & Bluetooth upgrades.

What is the best way to link my G-SHOCK watch to my phone?

Follow these easy steps to link your G-SHOCK watch to your smartphone:

Keep in mind that starting in May 2022, all G-SHOCK Bluetooth watches will use the CASIO WATCHES Bluetooth app, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Refer to your watch’s instruction booklet for information on prior models, which will use the G-SHOCK CONNECTED OR G-SHOCK MOVE apps.

1. Install the CASIO WATCHES App (free mobile app, available on the Apple App & Google Play store)

2. Open the settings app on your smartphone, then activate Bluetooth.

3. Launch the CASIO WATCHES APP.

4. If you don’t already have an account, you can quickly create one by providing your email address and a password of your choice. Log in using your Casio ID.

5. Log in and begin after finishing the setup via the confirmation email.

6. On the ‘My Watch’ screen, add your G-SHOCK watch by clicking the add (+) icon in the lower right corner.

7. Type the module number that can be located on the watch’s back.

8. just choose your watch from the list.

9. Comply with the instructions on the screen to link your watch with the app.

10. When the mode hand is pointing to the Bluetooth mark and a beep sound can be heard, hold down the C button for at least three seconds.

11. The app will automatically set the time and date on your G-SHOCK watch to complete your registration.

What is the purpose of the CASIO WATCHES APP?

With a Bluetooth-enabled G-SHOCK watch, you can customize all of these functions using the CASIO WATCHES APP, in addition to the standard features built into your watches, such as alarms, countdown timer, stopwatch, and World Time. Bluetooth-connected watches Casio Bluetooth watches offer a wide variety of wirelessly controlled features.

Furthermore, Bluetooth-enabled watches offer improved functions like World & Home Time, which automatically uses your smartphone’s GPS signal to update time wherever you are in the world. Four times a day in your present location, and each time you connect to the app, your G-SHOCK watch checks the time.

Home Time & World Time

Using World Time, you can establish and display a secondary Time Zone on your G-SHOCK. When you choose World Time in the CASIO WATCHES APP, an interactive map will appear on your screen. When you have found the area, you want manually or through a search, you can view the time there and make it the World.

Your G-SHOCK timepiece’s time zone.

The Main time zone that your watch is set to and the corresponding time zone on your smartphone may be seen by tapping on Home Time in the app. As you move around, this will update automatically.

Choose Watch Setting from the drop-down menu, then touch Change Time Display. You can view each time zone from here and switch them to your liking. The time will be appropriately updated on your G-SHOCK.

Phone Locator

By pressing a button on your G-SHOCK watch, this feature, created to help you locate your phone even while it’s in silent mode, will trigger your phone to emit a loud sound. Choose Phone Finder from the CASIO WATCHES APP to customize the ring tone and volume that play when the watch is enabled. Activations of the Phone Finder can differ amongst watches. Please see your instruction manual to find out which button will initiate this mode.

When the word “Find” begins to flash on your watch’s screen, holding the lower right button will activate the Phone Finder. Your selected ringtone will now be played on your G-SHOCK for 30 seconds. When your phone is located, unlock it or stop it by pressing any button on your watch.

The operating range of Phone Finder, which operates within a 30-foot radius of your device, depends on whether your Bluetooth and Location capabilities are turned on.

Timers & Alarms

Quick timer and alarm settings are offered via the CASIO WATCHES APP. Once you have picked your alarms and entered the desired times for them, select & send the location to watch & at the bottom of your screen to activate them on your timepiece. Your watch will emit a sound at the top of each hour when Signal Alarm is activated. When schedules or events are recorded in the app, the reminder mode allows your watch to display reminders on specific days.

Setting the Watch

Key watch settings are conveniently accessible with the CASIO WATCHES APP. Using the drop-down menu, you can further personalize your watch and change settings like Key Sounds, Light, Watch Display, Power Saving, Change Time Display, and Connection Time within the app.

The development of Bluetooth technology has made setting up a G-SHOCK watch simpler than ever. Making the most of all your G-SHOCK watch’s tools and features is now possible because every function can be controlled via your mobile device.


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