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Regardless of the quality of any watch, there will undoubtedly come a time when your watch requires repair of some nature. With any quartz watch, for example, at some point, you will need a battery replacement, whereas, with a mechanical watch, regular service is necessary to keep accurate time.

Casio watches are no different. Casio watches use Japanese quartz movements in digital, analog, or a combination of both. While some Casio watches use Casio Tough Solar technology, the rest will require occasional battery replacement. The battery in a Casio analog watch typically lasts between 2 and 5 years, and digital watches can last between 2 and 10 years, depending on the type of battery and the number of functions the watch can perform. Some Casio watches contain a movement that will last 10 years on a good quality lithium battery before the battery needs to be replaced. It’s also worth noting that some Casio watches with advanced features require more than one battery.

When your Casio’s battery needs to be replaced, your waterproof watch may well require the replacement of its seals. If water resistance is required, a post-battery installation test will be required to ensure the watch is watertight at its original depth. Without this, your watch may leak if you expose it to water. If water gets into your watch, it can cause irreparable damage to the movement.

As with any other electronic or mechanical device, it is also possible that a component in your watch will one day wear out. As with a light bulb, some electronic part of your quartz movement may one day stop working for no apparent reason. Mechanical parts in watches can wear out just like in a car and will need to be replaced to get them working properly again.

In this case, a moving service will be required. If a motion service is not profitable, a motion replacement may be cheaper. A movement replacement is what it sounds like: the entire watch movement is replaced by a new movement and battery. Due to the enormous amount of work involved in a quality movement service performed by a competent technician, service is often more expensive than a movement replacement. However, this depends on the watch, and sometimes the original movements are no longer available from the manufacturer, so service becomes the only option.

In addition to the timekeeping function of your Casio watch and due to the multi-functional nature of many Casio watches, from time to time a different movement function may develop a defect. Again, in this case, a movement replacement is often needed.

In addition to these types of repairs, many parts repairs are sometimes necessary. Straps need to be replaced, bracelets repaired, clasps repaired, buttons/crowns and stem need to be replaced, and broken or scratched watch glass may need to be replaced. In the case of a watch glass or crown and stem replacement, a water resistance test also needs to be considered once again, as these parts are an integral part of the case and typically use some type of water-resistant gasket.

You also need to decide where to repair your Casio watch. Of course, the Casio service center can handle the vast majority of repairs, however many local watch repairers are very competent. Any repairer from a Casio agency can order genuine Casio parts if necessary and the most experienced local watch repairer can also carry out repairs that may not be profitable to return to Casio. It can also be cheaper and usually much faster to repair the watch locally. Just be sure to use a known and established repairman with a good reputation. Also, try to ensure that your repairman is a permanent fixture in your city and is not likely to disappear. Many experienced local watch repairers will guarantee their work, which of course is only beneficial if the store has not stopped trading. Make sure a good quality brand name battery is used where it is needed, as poor quality or incorrect batteries will last only a fraction of the time that a good quality battery will last, and worse, they can leak and the Contained acid can impair your movement. Again, a quality watch repairer will usually guarantee the battery for a minimum of one year.

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