G-Shock Updated Models


Casio G-shock is one of the watch brands manufactured by CASIO. Produced and presented in 1983, when Casio engineers took on the challenge of creating the toughest watch in the world. G-shock has been the most popular watch of all the Casio collections since then, even today 26 years later.

What makes the Casio G-Shock watch very different from all other watches, mainly due to its durability and resistance to shock of any kind, shock, vibration, falls, even in conditions of extreme temperatures, visually amazing, but with a stealthy aspect. The Casio G-Shock watch was designed primarily for sports and activities geared towards outdoor adventure, so virtually all G-Shock watches have a countdown timer and timer, are lightweight, and also water-resistant. Not only that, G-Shock soon adopted several new sensors, radio technology controlled by solar energy, and new materials (steel or titanium) for greater durability.

G-shock models

Twice a year, the main G-shock models are updated with a more attractive feature and a unique design. G-Shock is very familiar with paramedics, police, astronauts, firemen, and soldiers. According to Mark Bowden, the author of the book Blackhawk Down, the operators of DELTA wore G-Shock watches during combat events. Since then, G-Shock has become very popular among Special Forces groups in many countries, due to its “battle test”.

One of the most popular watches in this Casio watches collection is the “Master of G” series. Master G is a particular series of G-Shock models for special extreme uses. The Master of G series began in 1985 with the G-Shock DW-5500C. This is a classic G-Shock square, but the bezel contained softer parts, slid over the buttons, and was covered with a rubber seal. In this way, Casio created a structure resistant to mud and dirt. The DW-5500C was nicknamed Mudman.

Master-G series is Frogman

Among the most popular watch models of the Master-G series is Frogman. The Frogman is specially designed for divers. The first design of G-Shock of the Frogman was the DW-6300, launched in 1993. The latest generation of Frogman is the GWF-1000. The limited-edition Frogman, like the Brazilians, Men in Yellow, Black Helios, and Black Spots are some of the most desirable Frogman.

In Japan, Frogman is one of the most beloved types of G-Shock among collectors. Today, the Frogman model has reached the fifth generation. Perhaps the Frogman model is the longest model produced by G-Shock along with the first G-Shock watch;

Casio has been creating a high-quality watch over the years. They always employ the latest technology and continue to surpass conventional thinking about the clock; The G-shock brand has become the flagship product of Casio and a dominant strength in the watch market.

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