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Casio Has Launched A Factory Restoration Programme


The vintage watch market has never been more vibrant than it is right now. With more specialists joining the watch community and numerous alternatives for locating rare and obscure classic references worldwide, it’s a golden age for individuals who collect vintage timepieces. With the rise in vintage interest, watchmakers have jumped on board, with several creating heritage divisions or factory restoration programs for classic models. These heritage-driven projects are often the realm of high-end Swiss firms, with correspondingly hefty price tags. This makes Casio’s introduction of a new factory repair pilot program for historic G-Shock models a highlight and a potential shift in how consumers perceive older G-Shocks. Limited-time Casio repair.

G-SHOCK lovers have pleasant recollections of their G-SHOCK watches. We offer a limited-time repair service to replace the band and bezel of older models to satisfy the needs of fans who want to clean up the damaged parts and use the watch again. “I want to use my old G-SHOCK again,” “I want to restore the old G-SHOCK that was given to me as a present,” “I’ve given up on repairing my old G-SHOCK because the maintenance period has expired,” “I want to restore the appearance of my old G-SHOCK even though it doesn’t operate,” and so on.

G-Shocks are designed for rough and extensive use and can withstand it better than almost any other watch. However, despite being difficult to destroy, they can show wear. And now is your chance if you have an old G-Shock that you want to restore to its former glory.

Casio will accept proposals for this limited-time factory servicing program through its website from October 1, 2022, through November 30, 2022. Eligible watches include the original Casio G-Shock DW-5000C and the G-Shock DW-5200C, G-Shock DW-5600C, G-Shock DW-5800, G-Shock WW-5100C, and G-Shock WW-5300C. Casio’s restoration work involves a complete external overhaul. First, the inside case is separated from the original resin outer casing. The battery is then changed, a new case back gasket is inserted, and the back is reattached before an all-new resin extreme case is installed, complete with new case screws. The issue is fitted with a matching replacement resin strap. The finished watch is returned to the owner in special commemorative packaging that includes a statement from Kikuo Ibe, the designer.

I want to return my G-SHOCK to its original state.

This is your chance to resurrect a G-SHOCK you’ve given up on. Why not use this occasion to bring back a G-SHOCK you’ve been putting away? We hope that we can do everything we can to please G-SHOCK fans and that we can continue to be a partner with them as they celebrate their anniversary.

When you return the watch, it will be returned in special packaging with a note from Kikuo Ibe, the developer of G-SHOCK.
This section will show you how to reset the watch settings to their factory defaults.
Check out Settings Compass
Altimeter \barometer
Altitude measurement using a thermometer
Data on steps taken
Stopwatch \Timer \ Alarm


Although this is a strictly limited-time offer, the first-ever Casio G-Shock factory restoration program might start a more significant legacy initiative from Casio, opening up factory vintage watch repairs to a new, more democratic part of the watch consumer market. Applications for the limited-time program are still open as of press time, but they may shut before November 30, 2022, if there is an unexpectedly strong demand. Casio’s factory restoration service costs $100, not including return shipping expenses. For further information or to apply for the program, visit eCasioCentre.