Casio G Shock Watches Toughest Enough For You


Casio G Shock watches are strong enough to resist the abuse you are dealing with when you enjoy a tough outdoor life. The entire G Shock watch range is shock resistant and is made of extra dense materials that can withstand shock, mud, water and sweat and still look great. Casio watches are popular for their classic style and innovative design and G Shock watches continue this tradition. The G Shock bezels and straps are made of a dense and resistant resin that will not only survive the abuse of an active lifestyle, but is easily cleaned to keep the watch looking new for years to come.

Of course, the shock resistance of Casio G Shock watches is one of the main selling points, but each watch contains many other features and functions that help make them excellent watches for men and adventurers. The basic G Shock model comes with LED light for the watch face; Neo Bight light coating that (even after a brief exposure to light) will provide long-term lighting in the dark; World time function that can display the time in 29 time zones and 27 cities around the world; a stopwatch, a countdown timer with 5 programmable alarms and automatic reset capability; a calendar; Alarm with repetition function and water resistance classification up to 200 meters.

In addition to the basic model, Casio G Shock watches also come in models with additional features. For example, the G Shock DW6900LU-8 is specially designed to protect against mud damage. This would be the perfect watch for someone who enjoys mountain biking or quad biking. This G Shock adds corrosion resistance and monitoring of lunar cycles and tidal movements. This also has a yacht timer to time the start of the races.

No matter which of the Casio G Shock watches you choose, you will get the great Casio warranty and the legendary long-lasting battery. G Shock watches are designed to offer great performance and good looks, no matter how hard it is on them. Casio watches are well made and are a great value for your money. Use your G Shock watch when sailing, biking, camping, walking, swimming and even caving. Then, take it to your place to show off your feats with a pint: this rugged watch will go wherever you go.