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Smartwatches Vs Traditional Watches


Smart watches Elegance!

Smart-watches are very popular nowadays. They offer connectivity and convenience with some fitness tracking features which make them more than a fad now. Some of them have GPS which comes in handy if you find yourself lost.

Smartwatches are here to stay without doubt and as technology advances, they are going to get better with time. It is exciting on so many levels that the research and development are very fruitful, and one might be overwhelmed by the astounding possibilities wearable tech can bring into their daily life.

However, smartwatches becoming so popular is making people question if the era of traditional watches has come to an end??

Will smartwatches make traditional ones obsolete?

Well on the surface it does not look well for the traditional watches. You can get a smartwatch for manifolds less than a traditional watch. Even the famous brand Tag Heuer and other Swiss watchmakers have already paid heed to the smartwatch popularity and released models of their own.

So, one might ponder about the future of traditional watches, are we going to see more of them or is this it??

Traditional watches Convenience

Watches were born out of convenience. In the old days, people were tired of pulling out a chunky pocket watch and checking the time. So, lo and behold wristwatch was invented and they are very useful to this day.

Now fast forward to the present, smartwatches need user-interaction, by lifting your wrist up or tapping the display, which is how you wake them up. Or you need to move your wrist which wakes up the motion sensor to pick up the movement and lit the screen for you. But in the traditional wristwatch world, you do not need to do that except look at the screen.

The one key difference that makes the wristwatch still useful and famous is the fact that they do not need charging. A smartwatch will only last between 1 and 10 days with one charge. Smartwatches pair up with smartphones, so they need charging at least once a day to keep up with the power requirements. If the connection is lost, then the smartwatch is only limited to a fraction of functions.

Timeless style

Imagine you are in a room with two people – one wearing an Apple Watch and the other the latest Casio G-shock. Whom do you think you want to talk to??  It’s obvious that you want to talk to the one with the latest G-shock model.

Smartwatches generally do not have comparable features when it comes to style. Smartwatches are chunky and prone to damage because they must accommodate the tech.

You can change the wristband or bracelet and customize your display screen, but traditional watches have enormous detail put into them. Look at any Swiss watch. They ooze style. Or Japanese brands like Casio, orient, or Seiko are the definitions of everyday styles.

Simple is Beautiful

If you are lucky enough to own a watch by Casio or Seiko, you will surely understand how beautiful their simple functionality is. As your smartwatch may never lose time, unless its battery died (which can happen) but it’s going to be an electronic display that is just a mimicry of your smartphone already in your pocket.

It is not something good put together to admire or pleasant to look at as it’s just a screen that can go dark if you could not charge in due time.

In terms of a mechanical watch which needs winding occasionally, but that takes no time at all and lasts a lot longer. With the automatic feature in mechanical watches, it is now easier to keep them wound with the movement of your wrist.


If we are looking for a definitive answer in the argument about smartwatches making traditional watches obsolete, the answer is they will not.

Traditional watch and the smartwatch are both here to stay. This all comes down to the point of the convenience of the buyer and the luxury of choice.

It is wrong to compare both devices. Both of their technologies are entirely different, and they have developed over time by the greater minds of the centuries. The principal function of a smartwatch is not to tell time, just like the primary function of a smartphone is not to make calls.

The function of a mechanical watch, for some, is about style and design which becomes an attitude. It is undeniable that they ooze craftsmanship and attitude due to their design and sophistication to an extent that the smartwatch makers have not been able to achieve yet. It is like you are comparing apples and oranges.

Let us take a moment to mention hybrids, like the G-shock and the Edifice series by Casio. They are traditional and smart too. They have Bluetooth pair functions to control your watch by your smartphone and some of them have GPS and fitness trackers like the new G-shock GBD-100sm-1D. They might not be as smart as the smartwatches are, but they are much more than traditional timepieces. Their style is impacted by the latest technology. These are worth their value but for some, they are not.

However, the rise of smartwatches means traditional watchmakers have not been able to rest- they are now challenged by the rapidly changing technology and are being given a tough time.

But truth be told smartwatches have not completely disrupted the traditional watch market. Traditional watches are here to stay. Smartwatches will achieve betterment with tech. Both have their own significance and place in this world.


Each type of watch has a different purpose, and they serve them well. You may even own one of each. Smartwatches are like an extension of your social life but often, they do not match what you are wearing. They do not add to your dressing or attitude, where a traditional does.

Smartwatches will not bring an end to the traditional market. What has happened is the birth of a new market. The desire of this new market requires connectivity and innovation. One might guess that Perhaps the overall solution would be to make greater efforts in the hybrid type of watches.

If you are looking for a timepiece that is relevant and can match your style, then feel free to check out our Casio shop. You can find several beautiful watches at compatible prices.

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