Casio Center is offering Professional Mechanical staff to settle the flaws of your Casio watch. Each Casio item sold accompanies a 1 years global WARRANTY. In 1 year WARRANTY incorporates free of cost Service, replacement of Specific parts, excluding any Damage, Misuse or Breakage.
We Provide given below services:

• Battery Replacement
• Basic Service
• Strap Replacement• Complete Overhaul
• Replacement of Any Faulty Watch Parts ( Other than Steel Chain )
• Review Functionality of Interior & Exterior Watch Parts ( Check for Rust, Wear & Damage)
• Assembly & Lubrication of the movement in accordance with the specific watch instructions
• Check Movement Functioning
• Calibration (Demagnetization of the movement if needed)
• Glass Replacement (if available)
• Hands Replacement (if available)
• Gasket Replacement
• Deep Cleaning of Watch Case
• Full Testing Against Factory Specifications (Pressure/Water Resistance)