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Complete Guide To Exercise Tracking


G-shock watches are well-known for their resilience, but Casio’s engineers certainly stepped up their game by introducing Bluetooth connectivity and GPS tracking with the prominent feature of the optical sensors in the Move GBDH1000. The blending of these modern features helped GDH1000 to climb up the ladder as the most progressive fitness and exercise tracking device in the G-shock collection. The effective sensors like a thermometer, barometer, and accelerometer, along with the recently added optical sensor to measure the heart rate, enhanced the functionality of GBDH1000 as a training and exercise planning device. Its workout mentioned above makes it an obvious choice for athletes passionate about their training and constantly trying to challenge their limits. Still, it is helpful for a beginner who wants to keep track of his fitness activity with style. What’s a better choice than Move GBDH1000?

Below is a detailed manual of GBDH1000 to make exercise tracking easy for you.

Syncing Move GBDH1000 with the smartphone app

Move GBDH1000 surpasses other Casio watches in software functioning as it is the first Casio to tend to utilize the new G-shock Move app. In contrast, most watches mostly use the G-shock connect app for Bluetooth connectivity. Syncing with the smartphone app makes it easy for you to navigate and enhance your training performance. The app constantly collects activity data from the timepiece itself and allows you to set up your setting to aid you in reaching your training goal. The watch provides workout details, but the app enhances these functions by adding graphs and goal metrics. It also offers recommendations and workout preferences to make your training variable and effective.

Another noteworthy feature of GBDH1000 is its user-friendly MIP LCD screen. Despite consuming little energy, its legibility doesn’t get affected by bright light. On the other hand, traditional smartwatches require a lot of energy, and their displays often lack clarity in bright sunlight. However, the synchronization with the smartphone lets you see the incoming notification on the LCD screen, but you can turn this feature off if it makes things messy for you.

Utility of data screens in starting and upgrading of working out

Owing to its five-sensor system, GBDH1000 is categorized as the most advanced Fitness and tracking device in the G-Shock collection. These five sensors include Altimeter, barometer, and thermometer as the basic ones, and recently added pedometer and optical sensor function as the advanced sensors. The optical sensor is used to measure heart rate during a workout session and can be regarded as a primary functionality of Move GBDH1000 since it is the first time a G-shock watch is equipped with a heart rate monitor.

Your G-shock move can collect your activity data, including your position using a GPS tracker, blood oxygenation, total distance covered, and steps taken by using a pedometer. Incredible, right? These special functions become operational when you start your workout session, which only requires a single action; Pressing the button titled Run. Once you press this button, your G-Shock Move will start functioning, making it easy for you to review your performance after and during the workout. These functions mark G-Shock Move as the best workout companion for runners, hikers, and other athletes primarily involved in foot-based activity.

Different screens of the GBDH1000 let you follow the additional data on the watch, which can be accessed through the menu option and various other buttons. Convertible display options can analyze your heart rate trend through graphs instead of digits.

The various screens come in handy when the user wants to utilize different sensors while tracking the workout. You can use both barometer and Altimeter during your workout tracking. The option to change the default screen display according to the user’s feasibility is also available, reducing the time you need to churn through these screens.

Another notable feature that makes GBDH a remarkable sports watch is its workout mode that upgrades interval training by introducing countdown timers. Countdown timers allow the wearer to set and reach his goal by keeping track of the time and notifying the user after a set interval.

Making the most of G-Shock Move’s five sensor system and the lap timer:

The five sensors keep the wearer aware of his performance by keeping track of the distance covered, the fluctuation in heart rate, or the elevation gained or lost. GBDH1000 has a significant function of maintaining a separate sensor data record if a wearer undertakes laps timing amidst a more extended workout session. Here G-shock Move app also plays a substantial role by providing the individual performance details of these laps and the total activity of the wearer without any hassle.

complete-guide-to-exercise-tracking-with-the-casio-g-shock-move-gbdh1000These five vital sensors let the user track his current activity. Cardiopulmonary capacity can be discovered by measuring the heart rate and speed of the wearer. GPS helps track the distance traveled, and the pedometer records the steps taken. The speed and pace can also be tracked through these sensors. All these measurements benefit those who want to do better each time and keep pushing their limits. This information permits them to decide whether they need a break or a more strenuous workout session is required.

G-Shock Move’s role in the enhancement of performance

Variations in a workout plan can keep you motivated, and you may find yourself more invested in reaching your goals—a practical workout session results from the commitment and the intent to do better. G-Shock’s advanced features enable the wearer to figure out a variety of workouts by presenting the benefits of each through its sensors. By keeping in mind the efficacy of each, the wearer may decide to try out different activities daily to make the session enjoyable. G-Shock’s app assists in this aspect by providing two valuable tools. One involves the increase of cardiovascular capacity by improving the traced workouts and the other consists of suggesting personalized plans for a timed distance race.

The functionality of the Move app in recording and assessing your performance

GBDH1000 lets the wearer connect the timepiece with the Move app on a smartphone. Through personal syncing settings, one can clearly display his performance details with additional information in the form of graphs, thus improving the viewing experience for the wearer. The timepiece also engages in passive activity tracking and might wonder about the battery capacity of the GBDH1000. Luckily, the watch is equipped with a photovoltaic solar cell capable of charging the battery thoroughly.

Casio’s G-Shock GBDH1000 provides the user with numerous well-designed, practical features, and it is one of its kind in activity tracking, available at a fitting price of 65000.00 Pkr available at Ocasio Centre

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