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With Casio Edifice watches from Ecasio Centre, experience unmatched style and accuracy. Famous Edifice EQB and Edifice ECB series models are featured in our carefully chosen collection, which combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design. Precisely designed, these Edifice watches are equipped with radio-controlled timekeeping, solar-powered batteries, and numerous time zone displays to suit the needs of contemporary, active people. These Edifice casio watches become classic fashion accessories with careful attention to detail.

What is the Average Price of Casio Edifice Watches in Pakistan?

The average price of Casio Edifice watches price in Pakistan varies depending on the model and its features, but generally,Edifice watch price in Pakistan falls between 25,000 PKR and 100,000 PKR (US$140 - $560). Simpler Edifice models with basic chronograph functionalities and stainless steel builds can be found around 25,000 PKR. More advanced Casio Edifice watch price models with features like Bluetooth connectivity, solar charging, and premium materials (titanium, sapphire crystal) can reach 100,000 PKR and above.

Are Casio Edifice watches a good choice?

Yes, Edifice Casio watches can be a good choice for those looking for a stylish and functional timepiece. Here's why:

  • Reputation: Casio is a trusted brand known for durable and reliable watches.
  • Style: Edifice offers a range of styles, from classic to sporty, catering to different tastes.
  • Features: Edifice watches come with various features like chronographs, world time, alarms, and some even have Bluetooth and solar charging.
  • Value for Money: Edifice watches offer good quality and functionality at a competitive price point compared to similar luxury brands.

What are top 10 range of Casio Edifice Watches?

Here are some popular and well-regarded Casio Edifice models to consider:

  • ECB-X Series: Known for Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone linking.
  • EQB-X Series: Popular for their solar charging capabilities.
  • Edifice Chronograph Series: Classic chronograph options with various styles.
  • Edifice Sapphire Crystal Series: Features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
  • Edifice Radio-controlled Series: Offers automatic time synchronization with atomic clocks.
  • Edifice Bluetooth Link (EQB-1000 Series): Smart features and advanced functionality in a classic design.
  • Edifice Scuderia Toro Rosso Limited Edition (EQB-1000TR): F1 racing heritage meets Casio innovation (limited edition).
  • Edifice Smartphone Link (ECB-900 Series): Stay connected and solar-powered with this feature-rich watch.
  • Edifice Classic Chronograph (EF-539D Series): Style meets affordability with chronograph functions and water resistance.
  • Edifice Slim Case (EFR-572 Series): Lightweight and comfortable option with core functionalities.

How to Set Up a New Casio Edifice Watch?

The exact procedure for setting your Edifice watch will depend on the specific model. However, most models follow a similar approach:

  • Refer to the instruction manual included with your watch.
  • Locate the buttons on the side of the watch case, typically used for navigating modes and settings.
  • Look for a button labeled "Mode" or similar. Press and hold this button to enter the setting mode.
  • Once in setting mode, use the other buttons to cycle through options like time, date, alarm, etc.
  • Use the designated buttons to adjust the settings (hour, minute, seconds, AM/PM, date format, etc.).
  • After setting everything, refer to the manual to exit setting mode and save your changes.

How to Check If Your Casio Edifice Watch is Original?

Here are some tips to identify a genuine Casio Edifice Pakistan watch:

  • Packaging: Authentic Edifice watches typically come with a double box - a cardboard outer sleeve and a second box or tin case inside. Look for a matching barcode on both boxes with the model number.
  • Manual and Warranty Card: The watch should have a detailed instruction manual and warranty card printed on high-quality paper with clear Casio branding.
  • Build Quality: Edifice watches are known for their solid build. The materials should feel substantial with no gaps or rough edges.
  • Casio Markings: The watch face and back should have clear and properly engraved Casio and Edifice logos.
  • Weight: Compare the weight of your watch to the listed weight on the Casio website for that specific model. Significant weight differences can indicate replica materials.
  • Online Verification: Some Edifice models come with a warranty card containing a verification code. You can use this code on the Casio website to check the watch's authenticity.

Common & Specific Features of Casio Edifice Watches

Common Features:

  • Stainless steel case construction
  • Water resistance (varying depths depending on model)
  • Chronograph functionality (stopwatch and elapsed time measurement)
  • Luminous hands and hour markers for low-light visibility
  • Date display

Specific Features (depending on model):

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Allows smartphone linking for functions like call/message notifications, time adjustments, and watch face customization.
  • Solar charging: The watch charges using light exposure, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Sapphire crystal: Offers superior scratch resistance compared to mineral glass.
  • Radio-controlled timekeeping: Automatically synchronizes time with atomic clocks for ultimate precision.
  • World time: Displays the time in different time zones simultaneously.
  • Alarm functions
  • Tachymeter: Measures speed based on travel time over a known distance.