G-Shock watches are the choice of those who want to look stylish & always on the go like trekking, traveling or an athlete as it is known for quality, durability & usability. But for those who are looking for elegant & sophisticated Casio watches, they must explore our Casio Edifice collection.

Since 1960, we’ve won the trust of thousands of Pakistanis with the delivery of original Casio G shock watches. Explore the below watches for a different range of Casio G Shock watches, there is something for every G shock lover.

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Original price was: ₨ 36,000.00.Current price is: ₨ 30,000.00.


Original price was: ₨ 32,000.00.Current price is: ₨ 28,000.00.


We Sell Original Casio G Shock Watches

At Casio Centre Pakistan, we are selling original Casio watches since 1960. In the last 6 decades, we have sold G-Shock watches to more than 90,000+ families. We believe it happens because we won the trust of our customers by delivering them original watch & with the quality of our service, we deliver to them.

Feature set of G Shock Watches

With the years of experience we had with our customers, it is majority a youth who like to have G shock watches and the reason of their incline towards G shock watches are of the strength, toughness & smart features. All Casio watches have been designed to target a specific audience, G-shock is targeted for trekkers, athletes, youth and for the energetic people.

Our Design Collection of G Shock Watches

The design collection of G-Shock watches we have collected is based on our decades of experience, and specially considering the Pakistani market. We took interviews of our customers to understand which design they like & what they like in each specific design. Then we shortlisted the G Shock watches accordingly & put all of them at one place for the ease of our audience to select from the best ones.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Our main objective is to deliver an original watch to our customers which they have paid for. So if we compare cheap + fake vs original + little expensive, we will always go with the second option which will make sure only an authentic & original G Shock watch should deliver to you. But yes, we kept the best G Shock watch price in Pakistan when you compare it with other original providers.

FAQs for G Shock Watches

What makes G Shock watches unique?
The Casio G Shock watches are highly appreciated for their functionality, reliability, and the incorporation of extra features. They are strong, and I’ve been designed for exactly that reason, as they are geared toward the adventurer and the sportsman, in particular for fiscal force.
Are G Shock watches water-resistant?
Yes, the majority of the G Shock watches have water resistance features of up to 200m; this makes the watches useful while swimming, snorkeling, or even diving.
What is the G Shock watch price in Pakistan?
Prices of G Shock watches in Pakistan depend on the type and functions. Usually, they vary between fifteen thousand Pakistani Rupees to fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees. We post the current prices and special deals on our homepage; you can check on that.
What features can I expect from a Casio G Shock watch?
Casio G Shock watch has shock resistance and water resistance and has facilities like a stopwatch or countdown, alarms, World Time, and numerous others. Some models also have an extra feature of solar charging and the incorporation of Bluetooth.
How do I know if my G Shock watch is authentic?
Avoid buying fake watches; always ensure that you are purchasing an original G shock watch from Casio lock stock and barrel or through this website. Copies of G Shock watches do not have a warranty card or user manual, and the serial number of the fake watch is different from that of the authentic watch.