How To Clean Your Casio Watch


Let us face it, your watch gets dirty whether you like it or not and if you are a real sweaty person than it smells kind of strange too. Whether you own a Casio Watch or Seiko, this blog will walk you through watch cleaning step by step which is easy to follow with best results.

Step 1: Inspection

Cleaning your watch is an opportunity to inspect (With a magnifying glass from dad’s table) and take a gander at the condition of your timepiece. Look for damage that may allow for the entrance of moisture. Specifically pay attention to the condition of the crown, or any other moving parts. Similarly, look at the base of the crystal. If your crystal is loose from its base or has dust in it then your watch needs to be professionally checked by a watch mechanic and then cleaned.

Step 2: Remove the Bracelet or Strap

Assuming you will not hesitate in helping yourself, remove the bracelet or strap from your watch with a proper spring bar tool. This will help you in cleaning one of the dirtiest parts of your watch, the inner side of the lugs and the end links of the bracelet. The same goes for the straps except they have no links but will be removed same way. After removal put it aside. Removing your bracelet will make cleaning easier and thorough.

Step 3: Wipe the Watch

Use packed wipes (easily available from mobile accessories shop) and carefully wipe every corner, edge, nook and engraving especially from the crown. A once-over would not take more than a minute and with the watch mostly clean, you will be able to clearly see the more tough stains or dirt deposits.

Step 4: Wooden pick (Or Brush) Time

If there is any sticky grime that do not come off with just the wipe, take a matchstick and cut off the hard brittle tip. Then carefully wrap the toothpick in the edge of the wipe (make sure it’s not very hard) and gently work the wrapped edge into the problem areas. If the cleaning has disrupted some over the time-built debris, gently brush it away with a preferably soft brittle toothbrush. Please keep in mind that softer metals or chrome polish may be scratched by something like a wooden pick, so it is best to be as thorough as possible with the wipe, especially on sapphire crystal If you are not sure if you should scratch then please get it serviced by a specialist.

Step 5: Microfiber touch

Finish your cleaning with a soft and new microfiber that would quickly absorb any excess moisture be it your sweat from your hands. Wrap the cloth around your finger and use your nail to clean through all narrow spots like crystal dome edge and bezel edges and the inner lugs and case back.

You now have one hopefully a cleaned watch. For those who removed their bracelet/strap, the above steps are similar for cleaning a bracelet, but you can give it a warm soapy bath, brushing it clean with the toothbrush, and then drying it with a paper towel. Remember do not scratch your bracelet against any hard surface or metal because chrome plating is prone to pointy sharp edges which do most of the harm.

Do not forget to remove your spring bars or pins and be more dedicated to the end links because that’s where sweat stays and damages the polish. With clasp take special care for extra bits which gather there due to wetsuits or scratching against surfaces while you sit and put your arms like on a restaurant table or else. If your bracelet clasp is very complicated like the ones on Casio G-shocks straps once the bracelet/strap is clean, it can be quickly dried with a microfiber cloth.

And now you have it, fresh and clean looking watch on your wrist. Now that you have thoroughly cleaned your watch, we recommend keeping it this way by giving it a quick do-over with a cleaning wipe once a week. This is especially important given our newly established focus on handwashing and how the act itself collects water and soap under the watch and creates more grime. We recommend taking your watch off before washing your hand and putting back on after drying your hands.

Cleaning is done. Put your bracelet/strap back on and wear your watch with pride because it’s better looking now.